Fibreglass roofing is a highly effective way to watertight your flat roof at a reasonable investment.
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Unrivaled Fibreglass Roofing Lifespan

One of the core benefits of fibreglass roofing is that it is long lasting. Older style felt roofing has a lifespan of around 10-15 years whereas fibreglass roofing is significantly longer at 20-25 years.
Here at CA Flat Roofing we use only the highest quality materials selected from our local suppliers at Westcountry Slate Supplies in Lanner. All of our fibreglass roofs are installed using thicker 450gm chopped mat instead of 300gm mat. Why? – Because we believe in installing roofing that lasts the test of time.

Fibreglass Roofing since 2001

Technological developments in the late ’90’s resulted in more affordable high quality fibreglass materials. This has resulted in a boom in fibreglass roofing, particularly so in the last 10 years as the method has become more mainstream. It is now one of the most popular types of flat roofing in the UK and we are proud to have been installing fibreglass roofs for 15 years.

20 Year Fibreglass Roofing Guarantee

By choosing CA Flat Roofing, you will be guaranteed the use of high quality materials which means that your roof comes with a manufacturer’s 20 year guarantee. This is provided in the form of a written certificate handed to all customers upon completion of work.

Reviews from Recent Flat Roofing Customers in Cornwall

by John, Stithians on CA Flat Roofing Cornwall
Review Title: new roof job

Hi Andy. Thanks for a great job well done. You did a wonderful job and did more than asked as well as restoring decorations as well. All this done on our absence and for a very fair price as well as photos of the job's progress. A more trustworthy chap would be difficult to find. Keep up the good work and thanks again.