guttering and fascias repair in cornwall, ca flat roofing cornwall
Apart from replacing and repairing roofs, a large proportion of our work involves replacing old and damaged fascias and guttering. Fascias work can be completed when we renew a roof or, alternatively, it can be done on its own.

Quality Fascia Materials

For guttering and fascias we always use quality plastic material supplied by Hunters. Wood fascias are also available on request.

Adding Value to Your Property

We frequently carry out external property renovations in order to make houses look as attractive as possible. In particular, we often replace or cap old wooden fascia boards and wooden guttering with modern fascia.
Installing modern fascia and guttering means that your property is more maintenance-free with no flaky paintwork on old wooden fascias. Modern fascias do not require painting so a one-off payment to install plastic fascias can save money (and hassle) in the long-term.

Reviews from Recent Flat Roofing Customers in Cornwall

by John, Stithians on CA Flat Roofing Cornwall
Review Title: new roof job

Hi Andy. Thanks for a great job well done. You did a wonderful job and did more than asked as well as restoring decorations as well. All this done on our absence and for a very fair price as well as photos of the job's progress. A more trustworthy chap would be difficult to find. Keep up the good work and thanks again.